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The Joke Of The World Bank


Another top bank official at the time, Shengman Zhang, also resigned shortly after Mr. Wolfowitz arrived. On Wednesday, he issued a statement that circulated throughout the bank expressing irritation that Mr. Wolfowitz had cited the fact that, because Mr. Zhang and his wife both worked at the bank, there should be considered a precedent that would allow Ms. Riza to remain there. Mr. Zhang, a former bank managing director and a Chinese citizen, said that bank rules permitted husbands and wives to work at the bank under circumscribed conditions, which he said he followed, but that they barred anyone from having a sexual relationship with a top bank official outside of marriage. "I trust this clarifies the misleading attempt to equate my case to that of Mr. Wolfowitz," said Mr. Zhang, now a senior vice president at Citigroup in Hong Kong. "My wife and I worked at the bank under a rule which expressly permitted it. Mr. Wolfowitz attempted to have Ms. Riza work for him in defiance of an express prohibition."