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A Tidbit On John Kerry

off the menu
"Kerry loses the burger vote."
Forget plummeting poll numbers, John Kerry's got a much bigger PR problem. The junior senator's been dropped from the menu at Bartley's Burger Cottage in Harvard Square. Bill Bartley, son of the famed burger joint's founder, Joe Bartley, says he wants a menu with more sizzle, and that means Barack Obama is in and Kerry is out. "How long has he been my senator, and what's he ever done except embarrass me?" Bartley said yesterday...
Aside from Obama, the menu's other fresh meat includes the Rosie O'Donnell--"a turkey burger, of course," says Bartley--the Deval Patrick, the Nancy Pelosi, and the Daisuke Matsuzaka, whose garlic teriyaki burger comes with cole slaw.