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Remembering Richard Rorty

by Jacob T. Levy

Kieran HealeyRichard Rorty has diedDemocracy's DiscontentDebating Democracy's Discontent.melancholy air that apparently led him to be nicknamed 'Eeyore' in some circlespar excellence.Dewey Lecture at the University of Chicago Law SchoolnotnonplussedJohn HolboBrian LeiterLarry SolumSean CarrollChristopher Shea
In my experience, there are two ways Great Men respond to strong critics, in Q & A. 1) By not listening. 2) By being willing to concede 'yes, of course, your fundamental critique of my position seems to have considerable force'. Then, five minutes later, they are back to saying whatever it was they were saying before. Rorty was definitely the latter sort - which is, I think, better than the former sort.