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Dewey Decimal Warming

by Robert Brustein

The Snows of Kilamanjaro--The Slush of Kilimajaro
Tender is the Night--Torrid is the Night
The Grapes of Wrath--The Raisins of Wrath
The Good Earth--The Good Swamp
The Sun Also Rises--The Sun Also Parches
The Iceman Cometh--The Iceman Melteth
Desire Under the Elms--Desire Under the Stumps
Ah, Wilderness!--Ah, Barrenness!
The Winds of War--The Hurricanes of War
Lydie Breeze--Lydie Tornado
Feast or Famine--Famine or Famine
From Here to Eternity--From Here to 2016
Mr. Sammler's Planet--Mr. Sammler's Dead Star
Big River
The Long Hot Summer
Henderson the Rain King
The Perfect Storm
Tropic of Cancer
The Wasteland