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"should I Go To Graduate School?"

by Eric Rauchway

this post on Unfoggedbut beyondFirstthis classic by Timothy Burke
Should I go to graduate school?
Short answer: no.
Secondheremay well be a blip
Over the past five years, the number of graduate students entering history PhD programs has been rising, while the proportion of faculty approaching retirement has been falling. And looking forward, the U.S. Department of Education anticipates that the recent growth in the number of new undergraduate students at American colleges and universities will slow down over the coming decade--about the time it would typically take someone just starting a history PhD to finish.
a wonderful departmentThirdPhDs.orgThe Wirefrom Fontana Labs
There's no shame in dropping out, either. Smarter people than you are flourishing in nonacademic careers, and I invite you to bite their asses if you think your "Dr" means anything.
nice work