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Dick Morris's Cloudy Crystal Ball

Politico's Mike Allen offers a highly entertaining excerpt from last night's "Hannity and Colmes":

ALAN COLMES: "I want to remind you. I went through some old transcripts to look at what you said about Hillary Clinton before she was about to run and when she ran for Senate. You said that she wasn't going to win. She has 52 percent disapproval rating. She couldn't possibly win. As recently as November 6, just before the election, you said Lazio is going to win. Hillary can't win. You've been consistently wrong about Hillary Clinton in terms of predicting how well she's going to do in an election.

DICK MORRIS: "Well, let's — let's back that up a little bit. I didn't come on the show to be attacked, but since... . I said that I thought that Hillary would not win the Senate, because I thought Rudy Giuliani was going to run. I did say that I thought Lazio had a good chance. I never said that Lazio was going to win."

COLMES: "Oh, yes you did." 

--Michael Crowley