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Hrc Joins Anti-mukasey Chorus

When in Rome... [ Paul Kiel, TalkingPointsMemo]:

"With presidential primary politics, things move faster. Now the number of senators who have unequivocally opposed Mukasey's nomination is four."

Romney's Contract with NH [Mark Ambinder, The Atlantic]:

"To make sure Mitt Romney's slim but steady lead in New Hampshire holds up, his campaign will take steps to "tighten" his message there and "close the deal" with conservative voters, advisers said today. Romney's television traffic will begin to emphasize his experience as a businessman above all else -- his tenure at Bain Capital and his stewardship of the 2002 Olympic Games."

Hillary Baits, Retaliates [Ben Smith, Politico]:

"Obama and, particularly, Edwards -- egged on by the media -- shifted their focus to her character this week, a place where (as opposed, perhaps, to policy differences invisible to the naked eye) polls suggest she's vulnerable. But its also a tricky place to attack a fellow Democrat. And while this may be simplistic, there's no point underestimating how tricky it is to attack a woman."

Rudy's Funding Flip-Flop [Philip Klein, The American Spectator]:

"In a post that mostly has to do with John McCain, Ramesh Ponnuru wrote of Giuliani, 'as far as I can tell, he still supports campaign-finance reform...' But earlier this month at the Club for Growth conference, Giuliani said McCain-Feingold was a mistake."

Premature Election [Jay Cost, RealClearPolitics]:

"[J]ournalists and pundits fail to appreciate fully that, while candidates were busy doing stuff in the summer, there is a difference between the summer stuff and the fall stuff. In the fall, you begin to make your broad-based appeals to the voters."

--Dayo Olopade