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More From The Money Men

One more quick dispatch from the inside world of campaign fundraising: It appears that the Obama and Clinton money men already view the Edwards campaign as something of a carcass, with both sides making the argument that Edwards's decline will lead to an unforeseen fundraising boomlet for them. The Obama fundraiser I spoke with earlier argues that Edwards's trial-lawyer supporters will flee en masse to Obama because they're worried about a future Clinton administration tossing them overboard as part of some triangulation exercise. A top Clinton fundraiser counters that many of Edwards's trial-lawyer supporters have already, in the last few weeks, begun giving to Hillary as a way of hedging their bets. In fact, he says this hedging has been driving some pretty big fundraising hauls of late, which should allow Hillary to post another strong tally at the end of the quarter, even though a lot of her big donors are already maxed out. We shall see.

--Noam Scheiber