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The End Of Christian Palestine

Hanan Ashrawi is back in America.  You won't see her much on television
these days because the truth is that she has little to say, and even her
elegant English can't disguise the fact that Palestine is a broken reality
and a broken idea.  Broken by the Palestinians themselves.

But I noticed that Ashrawi did speak here and there, and the last audience
she addressed was one at Emory University.  This talk was in a series
focusing on peace-building in war-torn regions.  Yes, the usual feel
good/feel bad colloquy that amounts to nothing.  Another speaker in the
series was Jimmy Carter who speaks about almost nothing else  other than the
victim Palestinians and the victimizer Israelis.  Ashrawi called Carter a

Ashrawi is a Palestinian Christian whose whole community is eroding.  The
Christian community in Israel grows, while in putative Palestine it is in
the process of disappearing.  Of course, this is also to be blamed on the Jews.