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Hillary In The Spotlight; Richardson On Roswell

Kyl-Lieberman Takes Center Stage [Jim Rutenberg and Michael Cooper, The New York Times]: "Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Democratic opponents said at the debate on Tuesday night that she had voted for an amendment against Iran that would ultimately embolden President Bush to one day take military action against that nation. It is a fear that has been shared widely within the party."

Reveling in Animosity [Ben Smith, The Politico]: "Republican loathing for Hillary Clinton used to be viewed as her Achilles' heel. But Tuesday night in Philadelphia, she wore Republican hate as a badge of honor, fending off her Democratic rivals' sharpest attacks yet by casting herself as a kind of partisan warrior queen."

Same As It Ever Was [Matthew Mosk, Washington Post]: "Huge spending here has helped debunk the notion that an increasingly front-loaded primary calendar would diminish the influence of New Hampshire and Iowa. Democratic candidates have spent $2.4 million in New Hampshire so far this year on rent and staff alone. That is more than double the $1.1 million they had spent in the state at this point in 2003. The numbers are even more pronounced in Iowa, where Democrats have spent $4.6 million so far this year -- almost four times the $1.2 million they expended four years ago."

Blame Uncle Sam [Libby Quaid, AP]: "Responsibility for stopping illegal immigration belongs to the federal government and not to cities, states or businesses, Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani said Tuesday. Giuliani told small-business owners he would not punish them for unwittingly hiring illegal immigrants."

The Truth Is Out There [Domenico Montanaro, MSNBC]: "Richardson, the governor of New Mexico, called on the government to declassify all Roswell documents. He brought it up himself when Chris Matthews was joking about Kucinich's UFO answer. He said the government hasn't 'come clean' on the issue."

Windy City Pandering [Deanne Bellandi, AP]: "Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said Tuesday that he would lobby to bring the 2016 Summer Olympics to Chicago if he is elected. Romney, who is credited with rescuing the scandal-plagued 2002 Winter Games in Salt Lake City, also said he would work to make sure there is ample federal support for security and transportation during the games."

--Josh Patashnik