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Surprise! Hezbollah Has Rearmed

Well, what did they think would happen when, last year, the Security Council passed Resolution 1701 bringing the Lebanese War to an end?  I can barely count the times I wrote that Syria would simply smuggle to more and more arms to Hezbollah.  And what would the world do?  Nothing.  And that's exactly what has occurred. Oh, yes, the U.N. secretary general pronounced the situation "grave."  Not "very grave," mind you.  Just "grave."  That puts the matter into perspective.

All of this is reported in pieces in Ha'aretz and the Jerusalem Post this morning.  Hezbollah now has long-range missiles that are capable of reaching Tel Aviv, including the Zelzal and Fajr missiles made in Iran. In Iran, mind you. If this isn't a build-up that will end in war I don't know what is.  The only difference is that Israel knows what it needs to do.  The really threatened country is Lebanon, and its threat is not from Israel.