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The Bill Clinton Defense

Richard Wolffe has an interesting nugget in Newsweek about Clinton's plan to defuse the attacks headed her way: 

But Clinton's campaign is honing its counterattack. Her aides say the opposition isn't just attacking Hillary but also impugning her husband—a tack they're confident will turn off most Democrats. "I don't think there's a very large constituency in the Democratic Party for that," says Clinton's communications director, Howard Wolfson. "I think they're misreading the electorate."

You saw Hillary allude to this briefly in the debate Tuesday night, after Edwards questioned whether she would really bring change to Washington. ("Well," she said, "I think we were making progress in the 1990s and I am very proud of the progress were making until, unfortunately, the Supreme Court handed the presidency to George Bush, and we have been living with the consequences ever since.") Say what you will about Hillary, Bill is still kind of a conversation-stopper in Democratic circles. And the comparison between him and Bush serves Hillary pretty well.

--Noam Scheiber