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Eyes Wide Shut

From Joel Stein's Ron Paul piece in Time:

On Tuesday, both Paul and Tom Cruise were guests on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. The actor went to Paul's dressing room to thank him for his work on a bill fighting the forced mental screening of grade-school kids. "Go. Go. Go. Go hard," Cruise said. Paul turned to an aide and asked, "What movies has he been in?"

I happened to catch some of Leno's show that night, and it goes without saying that Paul appeared to be the saner of the two guests (Cruise seemed restrained in an extremely awkward way). 

And yet, Paul supporter Andrew Sullivan had this to say:

According to Time, he had little idea who Tom Cruise was, when they met on the Tonight Show. Yay!

Hmmm. Do we really want a president that is so removed from popular (i.e. American) culture, that he has no clue who starred in Top Gun? Shouldn't this be a job requirement? I say this only half-jokingly...

--Isaac Chotiner