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Romney's "reagan Zone Of Economic Freedom"

Beefing Up: [Patrick Healy, The New York Times]: “Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton plans to spend roughly half of November campaigning in Iowa, according to her advisers, and her team continues to staff up there--with a key Washington-based aide heading soon to Des Moines to help run the communications operation.”

Free Trade:[Amy Lorentzen, AP]: “Republican Mitt Romney said Thursday that Washington must act to open more foreign markets to American products and the president should have new authority to negotiate such trade agreements. … The presidential candidate proposed what he called a 'Reagan Zone of Economic Freedom' that would include U.S. free-trade partners such as Europe that commit to opening up markets and ‘playing by the rules.’”

Norm's on Board: [Mike Allen, Politico]:Sen. Norm Coleman (R-Minn.) plans to endorse the presidential campaign of former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, according to Republican sources.”

Primetime: [Katy Byron, CNN]: “Presidential hopeful John Edwards launched its first television ad in Iowa Thursday titled ‘Heroes,’ as part of the North Carolina Democrat’s ‘American Heroes Week.’"

--Ben Crair