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Did The Edwards Campaign Just Go There?

From an email statement sent out by Edwards campaign communications director Chris Kofinis:

"All the distractions in the world won’t undo the fact that on Tuesday night millions of Americans saw John Edwards speak honestly and directly, while Senator Clinton once again took multiple positions on multiple issues. We understand that the Clinton campaign isn’t happy about that, but instead of smoke and mirrors, how about some truth-telling? Forty-eight hours after the debate, we have lots of excuses, but we still don’t have a yes or no answer to a yes or no question.

“That’s not the ‘politics of piling on,’ it’s the politics of parsing.

“After seven years of George Bush, the American people deserve better – they deserve the truth.” [Emphasis added.]

The "politics of parsing" is a snappy rejoinder. But is it also supposed to remind us of stuff like this?

--Jason Zengerle