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The Wrath Of Ron

Ron Paul has raised nearly more than $4 million in one day. That's four times what Mike Huckabee raised in the entire last quarter. It's still impossible to see Paul winning the GOP nomination. But he will certainly have the money to heavily influence Iowa and New Hampshire if he chooses--and to make life miserable for any opponents of his choosing. Think Rudy Giuliani might regret jumping down his throat at that first debate?

P.S. The occasion is Guy Fawkes day, the anniversary of a failed 1605 attempt to blow up the British parliament. Quote of the day

Mr. Benton clarified that Mr. Paul did not support blowing up government buildings. “He wants to demolish things like the Department of Education,” Mr. Benton said, “but we can do that very peacefully, in a constructive manner.” 

Somehow I don't think the Gunpowder Conspirators figured into Mitt Romney's 50-step PowerPoint plan for winning the nomination.   

P.P.S. Can you imagine if Paul were a younger and more charismatic figure? This was Pat Buchanan's year...

--Michael Crowley