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Kucinich Strikes A Chord

Impeachment Groundswell [Rachel Dry, Washington Post]: "A scheduled call to discuss the impeachment of Vice President Cheney was put off due to 'technical problems stemming largely from the overwhelming volume of calls from interested citizens,' according to the Kucinich campaign Web site. The Kucinich camp explained that it had 'significantly underestimated the number of call-ins' and that interest in talking about impeachment simply exceeded 'technological capacity.'"

Election Day [Chris Sundheim, AP]: "Voters headed to the polls Tuesday to select governors in Mississippi and Kentucky, while five big-city mayors and a slew of ballot initiatives took top billing elsewhere in a quiet Election Day before next year's presidential vote."

Romney Scores Another Endorsement [Marc Ambinder, The Atlantic]: "Ambassador Thomas Melady, the legat to the Vatican during the presidency of George H.W. Bush announced his endorsement today of Mitt Romney."

Thompson on the Airwaves [Sarah Wheaton, The New York Times]: "If his 'Meet the Press' and 'Law & Order' reruns aren't enough for you, Fred D. Thompson is hitting the airwaves even harder starting tomorrow with ads in Iowa and on Fox News Channel. The 60- and 30-second spots tout his conservative credentials, including his '100-percent pro-life voting record.'"

--Josh Patashnik