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Be Careful What You Wish For

I posted a Spine a while ago about the fact that Jerusalem Arabs are not so enthusiastic about turning their neighborhoods over to whatever
regime is supposed to inherit the Palestinian state.   First of all, there is the threat that this might be Hamas, whose habits everybody now knows from Gaza: a theocratic dictatorship with its fingers on the trigger and its hands on the dagger.  Secondly, the locals fear that they would loose automatic access to the rest of Jerusalem and, of course, to Israel itself.  Thirdly, the sense of Palestinianism is so brittle that it would not compensate for the genuine freedoms--all bureaucratic hardships notwithstanding--that accompanies residence in Israel.  Thus, the breaking up of Jerusalem will harm those on whose behalf it is to be undertaken.

Frankly, that's no obstacle to me.

But, as an Associated Press article reports this morning, many Arabs who live in East Jerusalem are seeking Israeli citizenship to which they have been entitled since shortly after 1967.   As long as they lived in a twilight zone with Israeli social benefits and Israeli civil rights (however much slighted they might be by the authorities) they could agitate for Palestinian rule.  If, however, Annapolis puts parts of Jerusalem under Arab sovereignty, we shall see how unenthusiastic they will be...and how deflated.