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Today In Republican Endorsements

Unholy Alliance: [Andrew Sullivan, The Daily Dish]: “A reader reminds me of Rudy Giuliani's utter disgust at the notion proffered by Ron Paul in a Republican debate that 9/11 may have had some explanatory roots in the foreign policy of the US for the past fifty years. So how does Giuliani stand and proudly accept the endorsement of a man who said that Americans were actually responsible for 9/11 - because of their alleged immorality? If you were appalled by Ron Paul's explicatory analysis, wouldn't you be even more enraged by Robertson's causal analysis? Especially since that would also apply to Giuliani himself? Does Rudy believe that he helped cause 9/11? If he doesn't, why did he just accept the endorsement of a man who does?”

Poor Prophesy: [Sarah Posner, TAPPED]: “Giuliani may feel like this is a big boost, but both George W. Bush and his father were advised to avoid appearances with Robertson because of negative public opinion of him, even among evangelicals. That was years ago, and Robertson has only lost influence since then, yielding ground even to his own prot