The Boston Globe's Josh Glenn pours cold water over the aforementioned Aqua Dots scare. He suspects a hoax, and some of his logic--especially that which doesn't involve Hitler and the Bush administration--is pretty compelling:

How on earth could a toy be accidentally coated with roofies? Answer: It couldn't. Either the Chinese really are trying to poison American children, which is far-fetched, or this whole recall was a big lie. . . . 

If Aqua Dots were merely toxic, I might not be so suspicious. But (innocent children) + (anything to do with sexual predators) = widespread, instant hysteria. Guaranteed.

Finally, there's some evidence that the hoaxers, whoever they may be -- some might suspect spin masters in the Bush administration, trying to divert attention away from Iraq -- have a sick sense of humor. Why else, one wonders, would the Toronto-based North American distributor of Aqua Dots be called... wait for it... Spin Master Toys?

Personally, I suspect Lego or the PlayMobils are behind the whole thing.

--Jason Zengerle