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Quelle Horreur!

Mark Hemingway at National Review Online has a very bizarre column up today:

[W]hen Sarkozy declared in the House chamber that a nuclear Iran was unacceptable--a significant number (though by no means a majority) of Democrats did not rise with the rest of the audience for the standing ovation that ensued. That’s right, a couple dozen members of Congress are more dovish than the president of France on a pressing matter of international security.

Can it really be possible that not every single one of the 535 members of Congress is more hawkish than a center-right president of France? Don't they know that the French are cheese-eating surrender monkeys? What does that make Dennis Kucinich and Lynn Woolsey? God forbid there should be any part at all of the American political spectrum further to the left than any part of France's!

We also learn that "though much has been made of the fact that Sarkozy’s address did not mention Iraq, Sarkozy made it clear that he stands beside America in the war on terror." But hold on, I thought Iraq was the central front in the war on terror. How can Sarkozy be standing by our side in the war on terror without supporting us in its most important campaign?

Finally, Hemingway tells us Sarkozy "spent considerable time addressing the American perception that France is ungrateful for U.S. support in the last century." It's a good thing no major conservative opinion outlets have helped perpetuate that myth! Oh, wait.

--Josh Patashnik 

Update: The title of this blog post has been corrected for gender agreement.