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Bill Relief-pitches, Dodd Wags Fingers In Iowa

Mate and Switch? [Jennifer Jacobs, Des Moines Register]:

"Former President Bill Clinton said Thursday that the blame for Democrat Hillary Clinton's failed health care plan in 1993 should rest on his shoulders." 

Two-Trick Pony [David Shribman, RealClearPolitics]:

"(1) The entire 2008 election is about leadership qualities; and (2) the entire 2008 election is a referendum on Hillary Clinton, who isn't even president."

Off With Her Head! [Beverly Wang, Associated Press]:

"Presidential candidate John Edwards yesterday called for the resignation of the acting head of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, saying the Bush administration has failed to protect the public from dangerous products."

Biden Rings Musharraf [John Distaso, Manchester Union-Leader]:

"[Joe] Biden, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said in an interview that his Democratic rivals and the Republican candidates talk about the volatile situations in Iraq, Iran and now Pakistan 'in discreet little boxes,' while they are clearly connected."

It's Us, Stupid [Peter Nicholas, Los Angeles Times]:

"Republican strategists are beginning to fear that a deteriorating economy will pose serious obstacles for their party's presidential candidates, who may ultimately have to answer for rising gas prices and a slumping housing market." 

Carpetbagging Campaigns [Lisa Rossi, Des Moines Register]:

"Dodd campaign's state director in Iowa, sent a letter Thursday to the state directors of the other Democratic campaigns in Iowa asking that they pledge that no campaign staffers or out-of-state volunteers will be counted as a caucusgoers."

--Dayo Olopade