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Indictment At Bernie's

Tip of the Iceberg: [Robert Stein, Connecting.the.Dots]: “America's Mayor has already admitted a ‘mistake’ in recommending his old friend for the Bush Cabinet position of Director of Homeland Security, but there are booby traps galore in the history of their post-9/11 partnership.”

Fool Me Twice: [Brian, Liberty Pundit]: “Corruption -- more than anything else -- is what caused the Republicans to lose the 2006 elections. If Republicans think this isn’t a big deal, that Rudy is still the best choice for the nomination … then I really don’t know what to think of our party right now.”

Who’s First?: [Todd Beeton, MyDD]: “Of course, that's precisely the goal of Michigan's game of chicken with New Hampshire, to destroy New Hampshire's electoral primacy once and for all. Who will blink first? We should know by Wednesday.”

Tight Ship: [Matt Yglesias, The Atlantic]: “[O]bama's promising raw material is only part of the story. Some Democrats I speak to are very convinced that Hillary Clinton will be better both at taking punches from the right and at punching back. Certainly, most everyone (myself included) is impressed with the quality of the campaign she's run thus far. And this stuff counts”

Girl Power: [Michael van der Gali