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Bhutto's Femininity

Yes, Pinky Bhutto is a woman.  And in this regard she is an offense to Islamic orthodoxy.  But she is no exception in Asia.  After all, India has been governed by a woman (Indira) and almost governed by a second, her daughter-in-law, Sonia.   This, after all, is the largest democracy in the world.  Sri Lanka (earlier, Ceylon) has been governed by three women.  In any case, "pinky" does not allude to her silks.  It's her politics.  Moreover, her domain is corrupt and her demeanor haughty in the manner of an inherited aristocratic clan which also does not hesitate to kill.

New Zealand's prime minister is also a woman, and there have been women at the top in Scandinavia, the low countries, Israel, Britain, Germany, communist Rumania (Anna Pauker, who before being a tyrant had been a Yiddish teacher).  There are and were probably others.

Pinky's femininity is no reason to thrill to her ascendancy.  Nor is the fact that she is backed by lawyers in the street.  As if lawyers are writs of rectitude.

Let's watch and see how she plays her cards.  And, yes, by all means, let's watch and see how Pervez Musharraf plays his cards.  He has not been the worst prime minister Pakistan has had.