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Nlrc Injects Life Into Thompson Campaign

New Life: [Stephanie Simon, Los Angeles Times]: "The political arm of the National Right to Life Committee is scheduled to endorse Thompson this morning."

Still Strong: [Juliet Eilperin, The Washington Post]: "Aides to former New York mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani worked yesterday to bat down the perception that his bid for the Republican presidential nomination had suffered after Friday's indictment of Bernard B. Kerik, his longtime ally and former business partner."

Overtime: [Christne Hauser, The New York Times]: "Mr. Edwards and his staff members are exceeding his rivals in terrain and time, having rolled through all 99 counties and spent nearly 60 days in Iowa alone since late December, when he announced his candidacy."

All Business: [Michael Levenson, The Boston Globe]: "Now, just seven weeks before the first votes are cast, Romney's disciplined approach stands as one of the biggest contrasts with his main rivals for the Republican nomination, all of whom are campaigning more as charismatic figures than as methodical politicians seeking to lock up various constituencies."


Fear Mongering: [Jason Pulliam, The DesMoines Register]: "Republican presidential candidate Tom Tancredo on Monday announced the release of a new television ad that links lax border security to future terrorist attacks on the United States."

--Ben Crair