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Re-examining Edwards's Iowa Showing From '04

Per my post this morning about Edwards's strength in rural areas and small towns in 2004, Garance notes that this was overstated (plus she has some nifty and incredibly helpful maps):

John Kerry won the Eastern and Western Iowa counties in 2004, both rural and urban, while John Edwards’s second-place finish was driven by his success in those rural South-Central Iowa counties that are part of the Des Moines media market, as well as his strength in Des Moines. This map shows the counties won by Kerry, Edwards, and Howard Dean. This scaled map of the Edwards county wins, showing the power of winning each of the counties, shows even more clearly how his base of support was in the center of the state, while this scaled map of Kerry’s wins shows a more even distribution of support throughout the state, and especially in the larger towns and rural hamlets in the Eastern and Western parts of the state.

--Noam Scheiber