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Democratic Race Heats Up

Dems Head to Vegas [Big Tent Democrat, TalkLeft]: "Obama has shrewdly allowed John Edwards to take the path of self immolating personal attacks on Clinton (now he won't say he will support Hillary if she is the nominee, he is self destructing), while reaping the political benefits of those attacks. But Obama has a chance to do more now. He has a chance to define the terms of this contest."

In Defense of Hillary [Steve Benen, The Carpetbagger Report]: "As much as the media loves the Clintons for ratings and selling papers, the relationship between the Clintons and the fourth estate has been pretty awful since 1992. Hillary now looks at the media as an adversary--but given what she’s seen, what choice does she have?"

The New Old Hickory? [Hugh Hewitt,]: "A Giuliani presidency would be drama-filled and certainly unpredictable in many ways. But there would be no going wobbly in the war.  Period.  Cue the Andrew Jackson analogies."

Free Rider [DavidL, BitsBlog]: "John Edwards wants both to be President and provide paid family leave., but be doesn't want to pay for either. Edwards want you to pay him to run for President and want you to pay for his proposed famly leave."

Edwards's Support [Garance Franke-Ruta, TAPPED]: " I've looked at the maps myself--both private and public--and have to agree that the idea that Edwards was the standard-bearer for rural Iowans in the last cycle is something of an Edwards campaign-generated myth."

--Josh Patashnik