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Blog Talk: Huckabee Rising, Thompson Falling

Thompson's Troubles [David Weigel, Reason]: "Is it fair that Thompson should suffer for taking a reasonable, federalist position—one that he clearly believes in? Well, yes: He's running for the GOP nomination as the dream candidate of the social conservatives."

Hillary's Ohio Problem [Justin Paulette, Political Machine]: "Massachusetts' electoral votes have already been handed over the the Democrat (whomever they may be). Ohio, and states much like Ohio, will determine the next presidency--and Hillary isn't shinning in Ohio."

Questions, Questions [Rich Lowry, The Corner]: "If Huck keeps rising, does Romney have to go negative on him, or can surrogates do it? If Romney does go negative, does that create an up-the-middle opening for Fred, Rudy, or McCain in Iowa?"

Media Powder Keg [Kevin Drum, Washington Monthly]: "As everyone acknowledges, campaigns plant questions all the time. It's literally a nonstory. ... But it gives the press an excuse to write about something they've all been itching to write about anyway."

Counting Chickens [Megan McArdle, The Atlantic]: "Are we really so sure that America, in a year, will hate Republicans quite as much as it does now? Might it not be that if Iraq settles down--as it seems to be doing, whatever the reason (and forcible ethnic sorting strikes me as the most likely one)--and the economy mysteriously fails to go into recession, that the Democrats might have a bit more of a struggle than they are currently anticipating?"

--Josh Patashnik