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Hillary Abandons Ship On Driver's Licenses

Makeover: [Alec MacGillis and Perry Bacon Jr., The Washington Post]: "As Clinton (N.Y.), the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination, seeks to solidify her position atop the race, her main rivals are reshaping the arguments for their candidacies and sparking a broader debate about the future of their party."

Final Decision: [Devlin Barrett, AP]: "Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton on Wednesday came out against granting driver's licenses to illegal immigrants, after weeks of pressure in the presidential race to take a position on a now-failed ID plan from her home state governor."

Missing Out: [David D. Kirkpatrick, The New York Times]: "While assassinations, race riots, sit-ins and marches transformed his generation, Mr. Romney spent more than two years cloistered in a strict regimen of prayer and proselytizing."

School's Out: [Lisa Rossi, The DesMoines Register]: "Efforts to inspire, encourage and cajole young Iowa voters to attend the 2008 presidential caucuses have lost some - but not all - of their steam with the news that Iowa's marquee event will occur when most college students are away on winter break."

Time Bomb: [Glen Johnson, AP]: "Mitt Romney's top rivals are reminding voters that Massachusetts residents have until Thursday to sign up for health insurance or face possible penalties -- a requirement that Romney signed into law when he was governor."

--Ben Crair