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The Osmond Primary

Mitt Romney may not have won Pat Robertson's or the NRLC's endorsements, but he doesn't need them now that he's got this. From the Boston Globe:

Interviewed on "Larry King Live," the singing Osmond family has nothing but nice things to say about Mitt Romney, according to clips posted on CNN's website. (Watch them here.)

Jimmy Osmond calls Romney "a great man."

Donny Osmond said Romney's candidacy has been "absolutely wonderful for the Mormon Church" because it has made many more Americans curious about their faith.

And Marie Osmond had this to say when asked whether Romney should give a speech on his religion similar to the one that John F. Kennedy gave during the 1960 campaign before becoming the nation's first Catholic president: "I hope we've grown up since then. I hope people look at the person and what they've done."

This was an endorsement Romney simply couldn't afford to lose.

--Jason Zengerle