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Blog Talk: Huckabee Can Win

Huck's For Real [Soren Dayton,]: " He is clearly rising in the polls into a clear second. And success begets success.  And it seems clear that outside groups like NRLC will whack at Mitt Romney to drop his numbers. Lastly, everyone, other than Romney, wins by a Huckabee victory. I expect a bunch of autodials and people at the polls urging Giuliani and McCain supporters to go with Huckabee."


Hillary's Pardoned Donors [Gaius, Blue Crab Boulevard]: "With the amount of cash in play, $5,300 is not even noise on the system. It speaks more to the judgment of the people who made the donations than it does to the campaign. Yet those people obviously felt that they owed something to the Clintons, did they not? It just adds another odor to the overall scent of corruption that seems to hang around the Clintons."

Edwards Over the Top? [Dana Goldstein, TAPPED]: "It's strange to watch Edwards, who wants to be seen a serious, front-running presidential contender, launch a satirical website in response to such a minor incident in the campaign cycle. It doesn't look presidential."

Romney Sympathy [Andrew Sullivan, The Atlantic]: "I think theoconservatism is busy refuting itself. It seems to me a shame that a largely competent, decent, Rockefeller Republican like Mitt Romney should be a victim of the party the Christianists have constructed. Compared with Giuliani, he is a blast of adulthood."

--Josh Patashnik