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Best Line Of The Debate

It may be shameless regional pandering, but Barack Obama might just have locked up my vote tonight when he was discussing illegal immigrants:

"They're coming here to work, not to go to the In-n-Out Burger."

You never know, they might be. I've been in Washington for three months and I'd strongly consider defying federal law if the payoff were a double-double with grilled onions.

In other west coast news, Arizona currently leads Oregon by two touchdowns late in the third quarter in ESPN's Thursday night college football game--meaning we could wake up tomorrow with the Kansas Jayhawks in position to go to the national championship game if they win out. I'm not sure I can deal with that. (Even worse for the Ducks, Dennis Dixon is out for the game with an injury and has been replaced at quarterback by--gulp--Ryan Leaf's brother.)

--Josh Patashnik