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Hillary Survives Nevada Debate

Fighting Back: [Anne E. Kornblut and Dan Balz, The Washington Post]: "Clinton (N.Y.), the front-runner criticized for sounding evasive during the last debate, on Oct. 30, was much more aggressive, repeatedly challenging her rivals by name, as she had not done in past debates"

Name Calling: [Katharine Q. Seeyle, The New York Times]: "In Mr. McCain’s case, his fund-raising letter voiced his supposed outrage at CNN after one of its reporters, Rick Sanchez, suggested that he should have admonished the voter after she asked him, 'How do we beat the bitch?' referring to Mrs. Clinton."

Feeling Blue: [John Harwood, The Wall Street Journal]:"In this newly competitive state [Colorado] and elsewhere, Republicans are struggling to reassure their nervous religious-right base, while Democrats are profiting from increasing support among high-income voters. And that support may be more impervious to warnings of higher taxes than some Republicans assume."

Blame Game: [Michael R. Blood, AP]: "Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said Thursday that former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani is partly responsible for the vast number of illegal immigrants living in the U.S. today."

--Ben Crair