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Friday Blog Talk: More On The Debate

Losing Liberals [Michael van der Galien, The Van Der Galien Gazette]: "Although the Social Security debate certainly is interesting, it’s even more interesting--in my opinion--to see how rapidly Obama is losing the support from the liberal base. This is--obviously--incredibly good news for Hillary Clinton. She doesn’t have to present herself as the liberal candidate."

Shaming Carville [kos, Daily Kos]: "Would it kill CNN to disclose that James Carville is a partisan Clinton supporter when talking about the presidential race? Would it kill James Carville to disclose that he is a partisan Clinton supporter when on the air talking about the presidential race? Apparently so."

Should Religion Matter? [Lisa Schiffren, The Corner]: "With all due respect to the editors of NRO, it is not at all clear to me why the religious views of serious candidates for President of the United States should be out of bounds for public discussion."

A Useful Debate [Karen Tumulty, Swampland]: "This was also the debate that did the best job of clarifying some distinctions among the candidates on the issues. For instance, the exchange between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton on the pros and cons of the so-called 'individual mandate' in health care reform."

--Josh Patashnik