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What Does Germany Owe Israel?

Look, there is no amount of German reparations that can compensate for the
calamity inflicted on the Jewish people by the Nazi regime.  The post-war
Federal Republic has paid out billions and billions of dollars in atonement
and concrete restitution to individual Jewish survivors of the Holocaust,
to Jewish cultural organizations and to Israel, the Jewish State.  Now
comes the Israeli Pensioners Affairs Minister who claims that Germany owes
more.  "Get it from the Germans" has long been a reflex when money was
short.  Apparently, it is still a reflex...when money is not short.  It is
demeaning to the dead to continue to scrounge from Berlin. The Germans are
the best friends of Israel and the Jews in Europe. They have shown that
many times and in different ways, not least by supplying three Dolphin
class submarines to Israel and right now subsidizing a purchase of two such
additional submarines.  Enough is enough.  Stop the shnorerei!