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The Courts And Jewish Anti-semitism

No, it's not a case in the American courts but in the German courts.  But
the phenomenon of Jewish anti-Semitism (often disguised as hatred of
Zionism and Israel) had been recognized much earlier in the United States
by historians and journalists.  It's not exactly my take on Tony Judt (read
Leon Wieseltier's devastating essay on him), Noam Chomsky, George
Soros or Norman Finkelstein, the first three being much more complicated
both intellectually and psychologically for the ellipse and the last, well,
whatever psychopathology applies to him, he does not really like Jews.

In any case, the case came to a German court because the dazzling
journalist Henryk M. Broder accused two vicious anti-Zionists of the
primordial hatred, Jewish anti-Semitism.  And they sued.  The judge relied
to a great extent on an essay by Alvin Rosenthal, distinguished professor
at Indiana university, and found the Jewish self-hater a logical and factual basis for the Jewish anti-Zionist.  And, of course, Broder was declared innocent and the two petitioners went home with nothing
more than their psychosis.

There is an article about this case in this week's Jewish Press:

Here's the essence:

"The decision is fair," Broder told The Jewish Press. He noted that there are "nurses who kill their patients, attorneys who commit insurance fraud. Why can there not therefore be Jews who are anti-Semites?"