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Line Of The Day

Despite his recent surge in Iowa, many of us know almost nothing about Mike Huckabee, at least compared to the level of excruciating detail we've taken on board about Rudy's ferret obsessions, Obama's drug use, Hillary's take-no-prisoners campaign team, etc. Sure, he's a charmer on the stump, but every now and then I'll be reading a story about Huckabee and a weird detail will pop out and I'll think -- wait, who is this guy? And who are his strategists? I felt this sensation while reading today's ubiquitous Huckabee-rising story in the Post:

Even Huckabee appears to have been caught unprepared by the sudden turn of events. His Iowa state director is in Costa Rica hunting snakes over the Thanksgiving weekend and will not return to the state until tomorrow.

I asked the friend I was sitting with, "Have you ever heard of snake-hunting?" He replied, "Is that a sexual euphemism?"

UPDATE: Oops, I didn't see Mike's identically-titled post on The Stump. At least his buddies aren't as gutter-minded as mine are.

--Eve Fairbanks