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Adventures In Rudyland


Trailing Rudy at a New Hampshire nursery, Politico's Jonathan Martin makes a strange discovery:

And wreath in hand on his way back to his campaign bus, Giuliani found an even more ardent supporter.

Giuliana Kevlin, 9, was glowing to have met her namesake and proudly spelled out her first name afterward as if to prove the connection. Her parents, New York transplants, swore they named her for the former mayor.

"She's got his temperament, too," beamed Giuliana's father. "She doesn't take any crap," added her mother.


I missed Rudy's young namesake, but outside the diner Rudy stopped at next I did see this pug in an "Anyone but Hillary for President" t-shirt. When Rudy met the dog, he kissed it on the forehead and, as you can see, autographed the shirt.

--Michael Crowley