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Obama Surges, Clinton Stalls In Iowa

Role Reversal: [Mike Allen and Carrie Budoff Brown, Politico]: “In ways big and small over the weekend, the two campaigns exuded a sense of switched identities — a dynamic driven by poll-driven perceptions that Clinton’s sense of inevitability is slipping and Obama is riding a bit of a wave amid the Midwestern seas of grain.”

War of Words: [CNN]: “GOP hopefuls Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani exchanged numerous verbal spars over the weekend -- just days before the two will meet face-to-face at the CNN/YouTube debate.”

Baby Genius: [Charles Babington, AP]: “The nation needs a president who is more a stranger than an insider when it comes to the capital's way of doing business, Barack Obama said Monday, portraying his relatively modest experience in Washington as an asset.”

I’m Your Salesman: [Glen Johnson, AP]: “Republican Rudy Giuliani said Monday the reputation of the United States has suffered globally not so much because of arrogant actions but for lack of salesmanship about benefits of democracy.”

--Ben Crair