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"hi, This Is Governor Mitt Romney, You've Reached [your Name Here]"

I'm sure many--if not most--Plank readers have spent the four days since Thanksgiving saying to themselves, "My friend/relative/significant other is a huge Mitt Romney supporter, but I just can't think of what to get him/her this holiday season." Well, worry no more! In an email entitled "The UltiMITT Holiday" (yes, apparently they've hired Kathryn Jean Lopez to write their fundraising email subject lines), the Romney campaign presents their holiday gift packages. It will cost you $250, but without a doubt the best gift is the "Gold Ribbon Package," which includes a "downloadable phone message of Mitt answering your voicemail using your name." Of course, not everyone can shell out that kind of money, so fortunately for only $100 you can take home a commemorative ornament and some seasonal recipes from Ann Romney.

This got me wondering: why aren't the other campaigns doing this? Can you imagine what kind of great holiday gift package Dennis Kucinich or Fred Thompson could put together??

--Josh Patashnik