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Lessons From 2000; Spouses In Iowa

Sneak Preview [Adam Nagourney, The New York Times]: "The 12 months leading to Mr. Giuliani’s departure [from the 2000 Senate race] are as instructive today as they were riveting then: a blistering year of mental gamesmanship, piercing attacks, contrasts in personalities and positions, and blunders, played out by two outsize political figures in a super-heated atmosphere.

Bill Hits the Trail [Jennifer Jacobs, Des Moines Register]: "Former President Clinton laid it on thick Tuesday with statements of loyalty and admiration for his wife, Sen. Hillary Clinton. ... It was the former president's fourth trip to Iowa to campaign for his wife, and his second solo trip."

So Does Michelle [Peter Slevin, Washington Post]: "During an intensely challenging stretch of a campaign that has shown more promise than momentum, [Michelle] Obama is increasing her political workload, interrupting her own career as a $275,000-a-year hospital executive."

Taking Credit [Michael Finnegan and Stuart Silverstein, Los Angeles Times]: "More than any other candidate for president, McCain has tied his fortunes to support for sending more U.S. troops into the unpopular war. Now that violence in Iraq has waned after a troop buildup, McCain wants some credit."

Here Comes the Scrutiny [Andrew DeMillo, Associated Press]: "Mike Huckabee's presidential rivals are pointing to chinks in his record as Arkansas' governor--from ethics complaints to tax increases to illegal immigration and his support for releasing a rapist who was later convicted of killing a Missouri woman."

--Josh Patashnik