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Carson Daly Is As Lame As You Imagined

Carson Daly's late-night TV show, "Last Call," is going back on the air despite the ongoing Writers Guild strike, and he's asking for comic assistance. The Smoking Gun has a leaked email from Daly telling friends and family to leave jokes on voicemail for him to play on the show later. He explains what he's looking for:

It could be as simple as...BEEP "Hey Cars, it's DAD, sorry bout the strike, gotta be tough on ya, try this one on the show..2 priests and a rabbi walk into a bar.......yada yada..Anyway, my back's feeling better, those pills mom got me seem to be working.....finally. bye."...

The more random and creative, the better (my personal doctor in NY is on this email). Quicker jokes will work well as will "classic" or "hacky"ones OR if you think you got a "homerun" let her rip. But again, it's totally up to you. 

Now that sounds like irresistible television. Vulture singles out a line in the email where Daly promises "Myself and one other person will be hearing these only," and quips, "his viewership is even worse than we thought."

--Christopher Orr