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The Last Believer?

Bill Kristol publishes an email from a friend:

Read Fred's op-ed in today's Des Moines Register, 'Reclaim greatness: Lower taxes. Enforce laws.' It's excellent. Watch the Thompson campaign's new 2-minute web video, 'Revolution,' at It's terrific. Think about the alternatives to Fred. Really ... does the Republican party, a principled conservative party, at a time when the nation's at war, want to nominate a moderate one-term governor who's trying to buy the nomination, a temperamental liberal New York City mayor, or a smooth-talking governor-preacher with no foreign policy experience? If McCain can't make it, serious Republicans will end up going with a grown-up, experienced, knowledgeable, and consistent conservative - Fred. Watch for his numbers to move in December.

I've read the op-ed, I've watched the video, and I agree that Thompson's numbers will move in December. I just expect them  to move in the same direction they've been moving ever since he entered the race.

--Christopher Orr