I'd love to be going home after work to catch tonight's potential NFC Championship preview between the Packers and Cowboys, but instead I'll be heading out to a sports bar, since the game is one of eight this year that's being aired only on the league's two-year-old NFL Network, which isn't carried on most standard cable packages because the cable companies are refusing to pay the high subscriber fee the NFL is demanding. In a battle between two corporate titans like this it's hard to know who to root for, but USA Today makes a good case that the league is being unreasonable: it's asking what would be the fifth-highest price charged for any cable channel, just for a network that would air 24 hours per year of football and 8,736 hours of Harry Kalas talking about the 1958 NFL Championship Game. Much as I love Pat Summerall, there's absolutely no way it's worth it.  Still, I wish the league and the cable companies would just get their act together and stop holding my football addiction hostage!

As for the game, Brett Favre is 0-8 career at Texas Stadium, and something tells me he's going to win one there before he retires. Greg Jennings catches two more touchdowns and the Pack win 31-24.

--Josh Patashnik