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Time-in: Hillary Revs Up The Health Care Issue Again

A quick note on the incredibly tedious "Heartland" candidates forum taking place in Iowa today: It looks like we're right back to where we left things before the situation in New Hampshire forced a time-out. Hillary, participating in the forum via some sort of satellite connection, got to tout her universal health care plan in response to her first couple of questions. Lots of implicit shots at Obama. I suspect we'll see the same kind of thing in the other direction when he's up later this afternoon.

Update: Not sure if this was intended as a response to Hillary, or if it was just Obama's natural response to the question (I've heard him basically say the same thing in his stump speech), but he did say "every single American" should have access to health insurance that's at least as good as what Congress has. We can debate how many people Obama's plan would leave uninsured in practice, but, rhetorically at least, he's not willing to cede the "universal" ground to Hillary and Edwards.

Second Update: For those who might be confused, I'm not actually in Des Moines today. Just watching on C-SPAN. The policy Mike and I adopted recently, which we should have announced more formally, is that we'll throw a dateline on any post we do from the campaign trail.

--Noam Scheiber