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Are The Democrats Listening To What Iran Says?

There's no mistake about it: "Iran has hardened its position on its nuclear program," according to a New York Times article by Elaine Sciolino.  

This was made clear by Saeed Jalili, Iran's new representative to his country's talks with the six powers, the U.S., Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany.  

Sciolino reports that, "The first hour and a half of the meeting on Friday was described as a monologue, with Mr. Jalili speaking about the will of the Iranian people to support nuclear enrichment, theology, God, even his doctoral thesis, according to several officials who spoke under the condition of anonymity under diplomatic rules."

Here's a quote from Jalili himself: "Everything in the past is past, and with me, you start over.  None of your proposals has any standing."  Just in case his listeners didn't understand, he added. "There is no longer an Iranian nuclear problem." The matter is "closed."

Javier Solana, the seemingly designated representative of the European Union to all failed negotiations and the E.U.'s foreign policy chief, told reporters he was "disappointed."  The French representative, with the liberating candor of Sarkozy and Kouchner, characterized the meeting as a "disaster."  And more: "We have in front of us the real Iran."

Are the Democrats listening?  The Iranians are, in fact, forcing the grim realities on the world...and particularly on the Democrats who are still spouting about negotiations and diplomacy.  Certainly no Democratic candidate has been candid with the American people on Iran and no Democratic candidate has been candid with himself...or herself.  I believe this is, long-term, disastrous politics. But there are more important issues than how the Democratic Party fares.