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Commenting On Commentary

I am sure that most of you don't like Commentary.  I am sure that the very
same "most" haven't read it in years, maybe not since Norman Podhoretz
ushered in the New Left version of world history according to Staughton
Lynd.  Yes, it was Norman and Midge and Commentary on whose pages Lynd and
William Appleton Williams pontificated

Anyway, the mag still challenges, not always; my colleague Leon says "not
often;" but certainly it does so time and again.  Its web site is
especially lively. May it survive the Pohoretz' pod, John, fresh from the
New York Post, who's been designated editor.

Here are two pieces from contentions, the on-line edition.

The first is by Gordon Chang and how Zbig, soft on Iran, has found himself
also soft on China.  The only country Zbig is hard on is Israel.  And,
oh yes, the United States.

The second is by Abe Greenwald telling us why "we're all Palestinians
now." Well, I am not.