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Abbas's National Security Force Is Very Insecure

On November 19, Ido Zoldan, an Israeli who lived in the West Bank
settlement of Shavei Shomron, was gunned down by men in a passing
vehicle.  Actually, he was murdered.  This was a week before the Annapolis
peace conference, so-called.

Today, Sunday, according to Ha'aretz, the Israel Defense Forces and
the Shin Bet let it be known that they had arrested three suspects in the
killing.  But this announcement lifted an undated gag order. I suspect that
the three were detained before the Annapolis event which took place on
November 28.

The Fatah-affiliated Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade (oh, God, who is not a
self-proclaimed martyr in Palestine?) had taken responsibility for the
shooting immediately.  But it turns out that it was much worse.  "The three
suspects...are active in the Palestinian Authority's national security
service in Ramallah."

And I think I know why the Israelis did not reveal the truth earlier.  They
didn't want to burden Abbas with this bitter truth: among his personnel,
now armed by Israel and the United States, there are still killers, killers
of Israelis.