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New Narrative Watch

Two new Iowa polls put Hillary in first. One of them, as Ben Smith notes, is a bit questionable. But the Hawkeye poll is among the most respected--and that But a new one from Iowa State U (Update: not the Hawkeye poll, as I wrote earlier, thrown off by the word "Hawkeye" in Halperin's headline) has Obama in third. (Clinton 31 Edwards 20 Obama 20, Richardson 11.) So who knows what's really going on.

The sad thing is, this prolonged dead heat raises the likelihood that the winner will be decided at the last minute, quite likely as a result of some trivial gaffe inflated by the media and/or a vicious and possibly underhanded 527 ad campaign of murky origin.

Update: Mark Blumenthal has qualms about the ISU poll. Also, a couple of readers have questioned whether I was right to call the Hawkeye poll "highly respected," saying that it's the Des Moines Register Iowa poll that people really put on a pedestal

--Michael Crowley