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Is Hillary Really In A Place To Criticize Obama?

If I were Hillary I wouldn't be in such a rush to tar Barack Obama with
relentless assaults on his honor.  First of all, it is an index of how
desperate she and her camp have become.  Especially in Iowa.  But if Iowa
goes wrong it may go wrong for them everywhere.  Moreover, the
peccadillo on which the Clintonites have riveted is so insignificant and so
arcane that she seems like she obsesses.  Does it really matter that Obama
gave money from one of his political committees to a range of Democratic
congressional candidates?  If Hillary is fixing on this, Obama can be
certified as a person of high campaign character.      

And, after all, any focus by her and her hubby on Obama's character
inevitably focuses on theirs.  This is not a favorable transaction,  My
God, have we ever seen in Democratic politics a less wholesome pair?

And while we're looking at contributions, why don't the Clintons reveal who
has given cash for the Clinton Library.  Who
during his presidency?  And in the aftermath?  Also, by the way, which
governments?  This would really tell us a lot about to whom the Clintons
are indebted.  Why are they keeping this a secret?

TNR had a lede on this a while back.  The matter is still urgent, more
urgent actually since Hillary is playing the saint.